Recensie Cosplayed Laura Maisano

Recensie Cosplayed Laura MaisanoCosplayed by Laura Maisano
Published by Rayha Studios on 29-08-2017
Genres: young-adult, contemporary
Pages: 198
Format: e-book

To battle her anxiety, Audrey Warren spends conventions in the shelter of her uncle’s failing comic booth, but once she’s convinced to give cosplay a try, everything changes. Dressing as Sailor Moon gives her confidence, and she rocks the con floor with moon prism power…that is, until a group of elitist geek girls corner her and set off a panic attack.

Fellow cosplayer, Kyle Porter, comes to her rescue! However, it soon turns out her savior is the one in need of saving. Kyle’s dad puts the D in dysfunction when he yanks Kyle into his truck and drives away. Audrey must summon real courage to both save her uncle’s store and rescue her dude in distress—all with only twenty-seven bucks in the bank.

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